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War Against Chronic Pain – Fight Uncle Sam's increasing stranglehold on pain medication! insulin pen cost walmart can you get antibiotics online selling adderall prices can i get antibiotics over the counter for uti what are the best antibiotics for a bladder infection how to treat a yeast infection with tea tree oil

Welcome to War Against Chronic Pain

On a recent 60 Minutes, Dr. Daniel Clauw declares that “there’s a very small subset of chronic pain patients that can benefit from narcotics – especially if they’re given intermittently and at a low dose.” Is that so? We’d like to bet that Clauw has never had more than a hangnail in his life.
Even as we speak. Medicare is attempting to set a 90 MME (Morphine Milligram Equivalence) limit on anyone’s pain medication (To understand what MME is, check out our FAQ,) no matter whether they have a hangnail or have interstitial cystitis, a back broken and hewn together by plates and screws, or any number of fun but massively painful diseases.
The statistics are alarming, the people against narcotics for chronic pain would do well to recognize. About 10 percent of the US population endures chronic pain: On a studied population, the rate of suicide due to chronic pain grew from 7% to 10% over time, while the 2% opiod  overdose rate stayed… exactly the same (taken from jwatch.org.)
We’re thinking that if we provide a place where chronic pain sufferers and medical professionals can come and divulge their thoughts without fear of judgment or recrimination, we could accomplish several goals, not the least of which would include the massive relief in the realization that one is not alone.
Our main goal is to gather as many folks as we can, willing to sign things, willing to (one day) speak out. And then we’ll head to Congress and have our say.
For now, the more we know, the more we’ll understand what is being done for and against us. So if they want a war against chronic pain: they’ll soon get a fight from those who might not be able to walk, but whose brains still function very well indeed.

About us

We intend to fight back against a government that now believes it has a medical degree.

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