And, sure as hell don’t speak for me. The most devastating drug crisis of the century is now, caused by greedy pain clinics and evil doctors? “Now” minus 10 years, maybe.

So, 60 minutes, where have you been? Living in the past, ranting about an “opioid crisis” – and blaming an abundance of pain meds for that crisis. There is a crisis, yes. Got that much right. But no, I can’t say it’s the doctors OR the pain clinics OR even those dreaded pain meds. What’s the answer in the real world, outside of where politicians and fear mongers live?

Try the cartels, although they are delighted you’re blaming everyone else. Why the cartels? Because the real drug flooding the market and killing thousands right this moment is cheap, nearly pure – ergo extremely powerful. And it’s not Oxycontin or morphine. What is it?  Heroin of course.

You say ‘flooding the market with pain killers.” Might have been so – 10 years ago. I can’t even get decent pain killers for my goddamn cat these days. Now, if I want to shoot him up in the paw, not a problem.

So I must say the new system sucks ass in so many ways. No, you can’t grab pills off the street or from illegal pain clinics. Me? Not only can I not do those things – which I was never aware of when I could – but I’m being told that my dosage must be cut in half because of the opioid epidemic. Really? I’m in constant pain, so much so that I’m suicidal on bad days. And a lot of my days are bad, thanks to a lack of medication that used to enable me to do small things like take a bath, cook. Oh yeah – and sleep. And work.

And you (government you) want to cut MY dose again because a bunch of junkies are getting wasted on heroin? Is this not some flimsy trick created by politicians to make it look like they’re really beating up on “The Opioid Epidemic”?

Well, I’d say they’ve won. You can’t buy a damn thing except heroin (and other goodies that simply kill you) on the streets. All those bad, nasty dope dealing pain clinics? Those bastards have been gone for years. All you’re doing there is pissing off the very real pain clinics that remain. Don’t believe me?

Ask them. Mine would be happy to tell you that they really don’t appreciate the government interfering in their dosage policies – unless Uncle Sam would like to spend an extra 8 years (PER POLITICIAN, mind you) getting that medical diploma. Oh and another 4 years, specifically for the treatment of pain.

My pain clinic is incensed that they can’t do their jobs right now – thanks to this cocked up “Opioid Crisis” which really exists in spoons with a flame under and a needle over. My clinic doesn’t dispense heroin at all, fancy that.

Does yours? Let us hear from you.