The real war on opioid medications is becoming more clarified each day. According to 60 Minutes this past week, the most deadly narcotic is new “fake” fentanyl.
Not medication that is prescribed by your pain management doctor and used properly.
This new “most deadly drug” taking lives, Is so strong that even touching it with your hands could kill you, this according to the DEA.  The Chinese organized crime groups are beating jail and often detection by changing the chemical structures of these lethal opioids.
Our government would like us to believe all of the accidental overdoses are being caused by of the pain medication I’m prescribed for being ejected out of a moving vehicle, landing on the highway to be life flighted in, with barely my life.
Each month, I jumps hoops and fill out mounds of paperwork to offer my first born, if I don’t take my medication exactly as prescribed. I always have, always will.
Yes, I know there are some people who do not, but each month we have the blood and urine test we must provide to prove it so. Yep, every single month we must have exact correct amounts in our system.
We also have MRI’s, CT scans, Xrays, behavioral health exams and many other requirements we provide so that our professional Pain Management doctors have facts to know if these medications are truly to ease suffering and needed for quality of life.  I have no problem with any of these test or requirements, as I know one bad apple can ruin everyone.
My real issue is the government allows 60 minutes to tape part of their show in a room filled with “fake”-type of fentanyl that has come into the country via China through our mailing systems! The DEA agent looking down at approx 20 small packages of a white powder substance and one bag of “fake” opiate pain pills. He picks up one bag of the powder substance saying, “This right here, is enough to kill every man, woman and child in the whole city of Akron, Ohio”.
How does it get here? “From China, simply through the mail or shipped various ways”.
He makes it sound like dial a drug.
For this our government puts huge stress and strain on our well-educated pain doctors and seriously ill chronic pain patients.
They changed our CDC recommendations, tightened requirements and punishments for our doctors, who are now in fear of losing well…everything. Even my pharmacy gives me grief over filling the prescription.
Shouldn’t the government go to the source of what’s actually killing people?  Could it be we are making too much money off trade with China to upset them or punish the criminals that are actually creating and sending the deadly stuff over here? Where is this masked criminal heading this organization in China? He’s shopping with his wife at an outdoor market, in plain view. 60 Minutes had no problem finding the big bad wolf, in the over-populated China. The head crooked badass in charge, leading most of the companies creating and shipping the deadly drugs looked to be a grandfather of 60 and free as a bird! He stopped to chat with 60 Minutes (as his wife yelled at him in Chinese to stop talking lol).
He sits wealthy and free from prison. Yet, we as chronic pain patients sit in our own hell, our own type of prison, where you hurt so bad (due to medication MME reductions) that we usually stay home, just trying in any way to get comfortable to live any kind of normal life.