Before I have ten thousand emails and comments come hurling at me, I know this is a highly debatable subject. Sometimes that is what this site is for to discuss subjects that are best debated anonymously, get people talking about pain, suffering and survivorship. I am certainly NOT promoting suicide in any fashion. If you feel this is your only option, please call the suicide hotline at 1800-273-8255. 
For someone in pain every day all day- with no end in sight- shouldn’t they have a choice to end their suffering with dignity?  
Canada’s universal access publicly funded health care system puts health above the ability to pay. This is something I wish was available to all or at the very least low income and elderly without cost here in the United States.  
Canada Passed a legally assisted suicide law called MAiD in July of 2016, which allows legally assisted suicide in some cases. I believe there are gray areas in this legislation, where perhaps the medical society could have increased the quality of life by considering the people wishing for legally assisted suicide due to extreme suffering. 
At this time, Canada Health Act does not consider either pharmacy needs, home health care, pain management or palliative care to be essential health care.. 
Later the same year as medically assisted suicide law, Carter v. Canada, Canada legalized Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) for persons with disabilities, illness and intolerable suffering within the context of probable death. However, in 2019, the Truchon v. Canada decision by the Superior Court of Quebec ruled that it was unconstitutional to say that only those who have a ‘foreseeable death’ can use the legally assisted suicide or MAiD.  
Due to this ruling, Canada’s federal government is considering the removal of removing of the “nearing death” criteria from legislation for people with disabilities, illness and intolerable suffering. 
Then we come to the question: who decides what constitutes intolerable suffering? Your doctor? The government? I think each person’s case should be different. No one knows how those who suffer constant pain feel daily. Also consider the government in the USA and other countries across the globe, who are attempting to take our pain medications down to a couple of aspirins daily.  
This could cause mass hysteria in pain patients suffering daily. Should we then have the right to die with dignity? Should the United States also have some sort of legally assisted suicide on the books?  
For me, this is a difficult decision as I too suffer daily, but my faith doesn’t allow for assisted suicide. This leaves me indecisive in some ways. I totally understand the cancer-stricken World, as I watched my loving birth mother die in agony for 18 solid months. My dad suffered with heart conditions that left him unable to wash or even go to the bathroom, depending on round the clock medical care and adult diapers. Is this dignity? I don’t know better people than my parents. I would have given everything I own to have not seen them suffer. There are many friends I know who suffer daily from other forms of illness, causing unbearable pain. 
This is a heavily debated subject. Should we, or shouldn’t we? Worse yet what results would it (the proposed adult assisted suicide with dignity) yield if the government continually takes the medical power from our medical personnel?  
We would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on legally assisted medical suicide for those who suffer unbearable pain? Should the U.S. follow the Canadian legislation and learn from their trial and error?