Chronic Pain sufferers and their “CRAP lifestyle”

You often hear of lifestyle changes these days. You have the new Keto lifestyle. The paleo lifestyle. The clean lifestyle. Yet if you’re a chronic pain sufferer you know there is much more to this non-chosen lifestyle. Also known as the “CRAP” lifestyle (Constant Really Awful Pain). Chronic pain suffers must always

Death by Numbers

These days, all we hear about is the fantastic high numbers of Deaths By Opioid – and how we must reduce opioid prescriptions, no matter who needs them or why. That’s just dandy, except for one small problem: the deaths are real, alright, but deaths caused by PRESCRIPTION opioids are but a

60 Minutes Finally Found The Truthful source

The real war on opioid medications is becoming more clarified each day. According to 60 Minutes this past week, the most deadly narcotic is new “fake” fentanyl. Not medication that is prescribed by your pain management doctor and used properly. This new “most deadly drug” taking lives, Is so strong that even

In pain? Pack your bags!

Nobody would travel anywhere else!
I just happened to read a rather humorous (to me) article about India and pain management today. It seems that India, a country that used to think of Americans as ‘weak’ for taking pain medication, now has a booming new industry: pain management. We out-source everything else, why not this too? I’ll
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