Constance Pain

I was living and still live in intense pain daily. When I say daily, that means every single day, all day, since the date of my severe car accident, that I mentioned in my earlier post.
Some days were worse, and some days better, but it is ALWAYS there.
I have had every type of therapy the doctors, PA’s or other therapists recommended to help my mobility and pain. Some helped. Well, to clear up any clouds, actually one thing that one therapist recommended helped. The other therapies really didn’t. Many years after my accident, one therapist taught me how to stretch areas surrounding my sciatic nerve. I still do those stretches today, a couple of times a day. It helps a little. I’ll take ANY help with my pain, even a little. I was first introduced to injections, steroids, early on after my accident.
Soon after I moved to a larger city, I was introduced to MANY nerve blocks. I was grateful for a while. Yes, it was quite painful, BUT it helped!! And we did this every 3 months: injections for low back pain. Also every 6 months the Gosh-awful nerve ablations for nerve pain. The mandated times were per Medicare.
When it was getting more and more painful to have them done, and the effects began to not last nearly as long, Doc suggested a spinal stimulator. Believe me, that’s a real fun $153,000 surgery that takes an intense 4 months to heal from.
I will go into more of that treatment/surgery in upcoming posts. I sit here still suffering from RA, an autoimmune blood issue similar to Lupus (yep also caused from the loss of blood due to the accident and subsequent surgeries), bulging discs, terrible arthritis, and scar tissue left over from all the breaks, and stenosis. The pain management team says they understand and know I need the medication, but they have to cut it because of the ‘new guidelines‘ they claim are in place. Maybe I need to send them an article from the CDC.