Hello, I’m Ima Hurtin and I’ve had Chronic Pain for the past 36 years. Mostly a bad back from riding jumpers, and just plain bad luck (degenerative disc disease too.) Several years ago I got bursitis and a ripped rotator cuff… But 10 years ago, I got another blast of luck when damn EVERYTHING began hurting.

That was hell because when the doctor asks “What hurts?” and all you can say is “What doesn’t?” They do give you a funny look. Right before they tell you that you have Fibromyalgia, for which there is no cure. What does the disease do? Makes you hurt like hell all over. Believe it or not.

I sleep (when I sleep) for 4 hours, then maybe a couple more in the afternoon. Takes me literally 3 hours to motivate when I wake up as the pain is such fun.

For the pain, I…