Nobody would travel anywhere else!

I just happened to read a rather humorous (to me) article about India and pain management today. It seems that India, a country that used to think of Americans as ‘weak’ for taking pain medication, now has a booming new industry: pain management.
We out-source everything else, why not this too? I’ll tell you why not – those bastards are getting the pain meds I should have, but thanks to Uncle Damn Sam, I only get roughly half of what I need.
So what is a poverty-stricken opioid maker to do? Sell their goods in a brand-new market that’s quickly getting a taste for it, according to this article? The article goes on to say that 70% of health care providers in rural India have NO formal training! Is this the recipe for disaster or what?
What if all companies who make pain meds uproot and move to India? Even a worse recipe for disaster. When the stats for suicide caused by unrelenting pain come out THAT year, there will be a lot of “I-told-you-so’s”. Except for the folks taking a dirt nap already.
So who’s got the right of it? The USA, who has cracked down so hard on pain physicians and clinics that most chronic pain patients have felt the pinch (or, rather, a rather large PUNCH?) Or India, where a very real opioid epidemic seems to be in the making?
Does it have to be “too much” or “not enough?”
Isn’t there anyone with the sense God gave a flea who can tell the difference between addicts and chronic pain patients, and treat each accordingly? Oh wait.
There IS someone: your pain physician can tell the difference. Mine laughs at the very question. So why, then, this infernal meddling by the government in licensed pain physician’s treatment of patients here in the USA?
Sorry, ain’t really got the answer to that one. If you do, use the “Comment” section below.