Uncle Sam has rightfully shut down many bogus pain clinics, jailed many narcotic dealers. And is now choking off the supply of pain medications to such an extent that not even those who truly need them can get them – nor can pain-specialty doctors prescribe any but Uncle Sam’s limits. That’s another tale, but when do we recognize that this war is, on the whole, a failure – and has opened the door wide for exactly what we tried to suppress?

  • The number of narcotic addicts has risen through the roof.
  • Narcotics have become much easier to purchase illegally
  • Such illegal narcotics are now far purer than ever before
  • And they are far cheaper as well.

Cheap, easy-to-purchase illegal narcotics

Of course we’re referring to that demon of all narcotics, heroin. As there are no more pills available, desperate junkies listened to their favorite dealers who declared that “Heroin is the same thing. Less expensive and lasts longer, too.” They left out the part about rapid, all-encompassing addiction, and the dreadful illness that goes with it.

Not to mention the proliferation of gangs and the like who sell it.

But wait. We said a cheaper, more pure form of narcotic. How did that ever happen?

As Uncle Sam became so involved in his war that he was wearing blinders to all else, the cartels saw a very, very rich opening. Quickly they began to provide a much better, more pure grade of heroin – at a cheaper cost.

People have responded in the millions. The number of heroin addicts – and deaths – has soared. Some states, like Florida, now make great money in ‘addiction centers’ which can be just as useless and illegal as the old pain clinics who traded in pills.

So. The cartels are raking in an ever-growing fortune off an ever-growing population of heroin junkies. Addiction centers are  proliferating like weeds, but for a drug that will never be that legal. And people are overdosing in record numbers.

Ask any junkie. If they hear of deaths attributed to the drugs dispensed by a certain dealer, they flock to that dealer. Hey, it’s killing people. Good shit.

Where does it stop?

When Uncle Sam gets out of the prescription and dosing business – leaving it to those who spent years learning to take care of pain  patients – and begins looking for real answers to helping the currently-addicted, and creating a REAL war. On heroin import.

Provide funds and knowledge to states to create real addiction centers, dedicated to helping those beyond normal help. Before they die like so many are.

Forget prescription narcotics – you’ve tied them up so well that those of us who literally can’t live in such agony without them can’t get them. Concentrate on heroin, and the ‘fun’ new drugs that go along with it – and kill even better.

Now that would be a war I would join.