The day finally came when my doctor looked me in the eyes and said, “General Connie, my hands are tied. I know how sick you are, but I’m bound by new government laws and our board to only prescribe a certain dosage to everyone. I’d love to help you live a better life but doctors are being forced to provide cookie-cutter medication: one size fits all.”

Why should the government be involved in my treatment at all? Shouldn’t it be like the separation of church and state? How dare Dr. UncleSam Himself (DUH) believe he can set any sort of one-size-fits-all limit on medication, over-riding the opinions of people who’ve gotten their doctorate, and then specialized in pain treatment?

You’d think they have drug companies in their pockets and they do. Now drug companies now have their hands in people’s pockets who have had their pain med’s taken by the new government regulations.

DUH has effectively declared war on chronic pain sufferers, and this site intends to fight back by gathering in serious numbers, gleaning information, sharing news – and ultimately appearing before Congress with our ducks in a row.

For now, we’d like to hear your personal stories. Treatments providers stories or commits be it Doctors, PA’s, or other that disagree with Doctor Uncle Sam Himself (DUH) in Provide a safe location to do so (as well as anonymity you choose so).
And keep up with DUH’s latest legal foolery.

Share us and join us. Strength in numbers: together we can affect real change in these ridiculous laws. But only if we join in real numbers.