We’ve all heard horror stories about people being tapered drastically down from their current pain med dosage. Many of us figure that since we’re seriously disabled due to chronic pain, it won’t happen to us.
I did too.
As you know, I’m a survivor of a near-fatal car wreck. The older I get, the worse my pain is. In fact, I nearly live on my recliner now.
Over the last few months, my doctor has been changing my pain medications. I thought he was trying to better manage my pain. In reality, he’s been reducing the dosage -and this last trip, he informed me that he’s no longer going to write prescriptions over 90MME due to the strict laws already passing in your state as we speak. He says “the government is closing pain clinics, taking medical licences or even arresting doctors”. The threat is enough to make many pain doctors (including my own) fear to treat us- as they know they should. I was told flat out that they know I seriously need the pain medication to treat my pain. They stressed they have no doubts that am not addicted, nor have I ever abused anything, so that is a non-issue. Yet they’re fearful of this new government stance on pain medication. Many states have already passed requirements and limits. My state has the bill in the house now, but hasn’t completed that process yet. Believe me your state will be next, as the federal government has the hammer down on the state governments to get a grip. They threaten there will be no more funding for this or for that.
I find myself being prescribed half the meds I was on last month. I’m sitting here in a tremendous amount of pain. This puts people like myself who are disabled and/or are dealing with serious chronic pain to the point of frustration. A lot of Chronic Pain patients are being driven to 2 choices that are equally sad. They will either be driven to the streets to find something, anything, to help them deal with the terrible chronic pain day after day and end up with what is available, only to end up dying of an accidental overdose or simply tire of suffering in pain every day, will give up and commit suicide.
The suicide rate is climbing day after day and it will continue to do so as the government is now practicing medicine, instead of allowing the doctors to treat us by the oath they took.
This is why we decided to create this site in the first place, for the many people suffering due to tapering and are seriously disabled due to chronic pain.

*We would love you to share your story. Please feel free to join us in our fight against chronic pain. Don’t worry this is a safe zone. We never use real names only user names.